10 detox foods to devour without delay


4- Grapefruit, rich in vitamin C

tropical smoothie cafe detox island green smoothie
Grapefruit health benefits

The health benefits of this superfood are numerous. Fresh and tangy, grapefruit is a concentrate of beneficial active ingredients.

A small glass of grapefruit juice is rich in vitamin C and helps stimulate the production of those special enzymes that will help you eliminate bad substances.

Finally, grapefruit seeds are usually consumed in the form of grapefruit seed extract and are known for their immune-boosting effects. As prevention or treatment, they are very effective in fighting winter infections

5- Green tea, the antioxidant asset

tropical smoothie cafe detox island green smoothie
detox ingredient

There are many tea-based detox blends. Although green tea is not a detox food, it does have a high concentration of antioxidants. It helps reduce the negative effects caused by free radicals such as pollution, tobacco…. This is one of the reasons why nutritionists classified as a superfood

Green tea is full of antioxidant ingredients called catechins. Caffeine can be harmful to your liver, whether from tea or coffee, so don’t overdo it.

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