Best Learning German app


Best Learning German app for everyone who wants to learn German, if you want to learn German, you need to know more information and tips to help you study it, and in this article we will help you learn German by offering a set of excellent tips and sites Which makes you feel fun when you learn German quickly and efficiently by displaying various terms, words, grammar, and conversations.

Best Learning German app

For anyone who wants to learn German, follow the following lines in detail:

German language practice

The most important rule when learning German or any other language in general is to practice the language and apply what you have learned. Especially since there are four aspects and language skills that need regular training so as not to forget what you have studied.

Therefore, try to set a time in your busy daily schedule for the two most important things: language lessons and listening to new words as well as listening and reading exercises to know your negative aspects, Best Learning German app in addition to speaking and writing skills and activities.

Best Learning German app
Best Learning German app

Vocabulary and grammar

When you try to memorize new words, use the words you have in the context of different sentences in order to identify and discover more new words. You can also classify the words into groups according to topics such as (weather, health, food).

Reading and listening

The world of the Internet in general contains about 10% of German-language sites whose content varies between music, Best Learning German app economics, international politics, and enables you to search for information in German about your hobbies to expand your vocabulary and work to improve reading skill.

In order to learn the correct way of reading, do not try to stand on each word that you can infer the general meaning of it. Before starting to read any text, read the title well to deduce and analyze the words to know the meaning of the nouns and verbs in the sense of identifying and guessing the meanings before looking for them in the dictionary. Meaning focusing on the essence of the text instead of the details.

Study continuously

Meaning setting at least 15 minutes a day for learning, Best Learning German app setting a time plan for studying, and giving yourself a reward after all successful study sessions.

Find good resources to learn German

You can use most sites to get the appropriate educational materials for all levels and search for interactive courses with audio, video and text. Deutsche Welle offers placement tests for those individuals who want to determine their educational level. The site also provides you with about 100 lessons that help you learn basic vocabulary and improve pronunciation.

Watching TV and listening to German radio to learn grammar, Best Learning German app vocabulary and sentence structure in a correct manner.

German learning sites

One of the best sites to learn German and you can create a personal account on the site and start learning German for free. It offers five different levels of courses for beginners, intermediate, upper intermediate, and advanced.

After completing each level, the site offers a test and a timetable for the completion of learning the German language. You can also get to know members and chat with them to develop German language skills.

The site offers a set of free courses to learn German in an interactive way. If you have a little knowledge of the German language, you can take a placement test to put you in the appropriate level of the course and learn some German words and phrases.

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