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Food products that never expires is something we should always be careful about, especially in fresh produce (such as meat and fish), because decomposition can lead to the development of pathogenic bacteria that can compromise our health, in this article you will discover 12 Food never expired and You can stock it for many year and stay in goods quality safety product.

However, Food products that never expires if we’ve just come back from vacation and are unsure what we can or cannot eat in the pantry, be aware that we can always resort to the products we present in this mail Jul.

There are a actually number of foods that do not expire as long as we keep them in optimal conditions.

Are you curious to know what they are? We will tell you!

What causes food to perish?

First of all, we are going to know the four basic elements that make food expire.

Oxygen. This is the main cause of oxidation. The solution? Store in airtight containers.

Sunlight. It accelerates decomposition processes. This is why it is best to store food in the refrigerator or in dark places, such as pantries or closed cupboards.

Temperature. Heat is another one of the great enemies of preservation. In this sense, cool environments will extend the shelf life of food.

Humidity. It is a breeding ground for bacteria. The best we can do to combat it is to practice storage in dry places.

These are the foods that never expire.

Food products that never expires

  • White rice:

Preserved raw and not boiled, Food products that never expires this cereal is one of the foods that keep perfectly for years. How can you do it? Very easily, by storing it in a dry place where it does not receive direct light. Basmati, redondo, thai, bomba… They are all wonderfully well preserved apr safe to eat canned food but !

Whit rice Between foods never expire.

  •  Pulses

If you store them in an airtight container away from moisture, beans, chickpeas or lentils do not expire either. The important thing to keep in mind is that the longer you keep them, the more you’ll have to cook them, because their natural tendency is to harden very slowly over time dates, food that will never expired.

Pulses Between foods never expire.

  •  Salt

I couldn’t miss this list. It is not for nothing that salt has been used since the beginning of time as a natural preservative mar, as it dehydrates food, Food products that never expires thus preventing the formation of bacteria in it. Far from humidity, it can last us as long as we want, food past the expiration date.

  •  White or brown sugar

It may not keep the same texture over the years, but if we keep it well (in an airtight container without light or heat), the sugar will accompany us in the pantry for an indefinite period of time.

White or brown sugar Between foods never expire you can usually consume.

  • Honey

You probably have had a honey pot in the house for months.

Don’t worry, because this natural sweetener par excellence has a very long shelf life. That’s because the huge amount of sugar it contains prevents it from harboring bacteria fsis.

However, over time, Food products that never expires it loses its taste and properties.

A piece of advice: if you don’t use it and you notice that it has crystallized over time, according simply plunge the jar into hot water for a few seconds and it will regain its usual body and texture beyond.

Honey Between food will never expire.

  •  Dry spices

You’ve had the usual little jar of oregano in the back of your pantry for I don’t know how long?

Don’t throw it away! Although it has lost some of its smell and taste, it is indefinitely in very good condition jan. Spices have a very long shelf life if stored in a cool, Food products that never expires dry and dark place.

Dry spices between foods basically never expire .

  • Oil

To last for years, this food must be stored properly in a place where it is not exposed to sunlight aug. In any case, the worst that can happen is that as it gets older, it will taste a little stale non perishable.

Oil between foods will never expire.

  • Vinegar

It is also commonly used as a preservative because of its very high acidity, which prevents the development of harmful microorganisms aug.

We can keep it for years, but it is always advisable to take it out of its conventional commercial plastic container and put it in a glass container pure, Food products that never expires.

  • Pasta

Fresh pasta is another food that has no expiration date.

As you’ll see on its packaging, rather than indicating a “best before” dates jun , it indicates a “use by” date food products. This means that it may lose some of its properties, but not decompose powdered Dec spoil.

Past between Food products that never expires.

  • Chocolate

Yes, this treasure also has a very long lifespan, but it must be said that the blacker it is nov, the longer it will last.

This is because milk tends to ferment and expire quickly liquor, it’s never expiring,its one of foods that surprisingly never expire.

  • Coffee

Did you know that it is the second most consumed drink in the world after water?

In addition to being popular, coffee powder is Food products that never expires.

What even the most sybarite coffee drinkers should know is that years will diminish its characteristic aroma  Oct and taste Feb won.

  •  Corn flour

Keep it dry! If you don’t wet it, you’ll have flour forever.

Just like the other foods on the top list, if we want it to stand the test of time Sep food safety.

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