How do you insure your car in America


How do you insure your car in America – Now that you know the types of insurance, you can choose between the type that suits you according to the costs and according to the condition and type of your car. To do the insurance, you will simply go to any car insurance company and ask them to insure your car and they will provide you with a form, just fill it out according to what suits you and congratulations on insuring your car.

How do you insure your car in America

As we mentioned above, prices vary according to the state, companies, type of car, and also according to the legal tax rate.

Medical payments, no-fault or personal injury

To cover the costs of medication for the injured passengers and the driver in your car, How do you insure your car in America as well as if you were injured by a car while you were on the road.

Uninsured motorists coverage

It means insuring the car in the event of a collision with another car whose owner does not have insurance. This case applies to accidents during which the other party flees from the scene of the accident; At that time, he is considered a driver without insurance or coverage.

Comprehensive physical damage

Covering the charges of repairing your car in case it is damaged due to other than collision accidents, like theft, fire, floods, Animals fall from a pole or tree.

Collision coverage

Financial and legal coverage in the event of a collision, How do you insure your car in America whether with something or with another car, whether it was your fault or the fault of the other driver. But you must take into account that this type is determined by the financial value of the car in the market. Therefore, it is recommended to cancel this coverage if the car is very old.

Property damage liability

When you hit the property of others or another car and it was your fault, How do you insure your car in America this type of coverage will protect you legally and pay the fees and repairs for you.

In addition to the above types of coverage, there are other services that insurance companies can offer to you to be added to the above list How do you insure your car in America Among these services we mention:

Emergency Road Service

Help you if your car falls into mechanical failure on the road.

Rental Reimbursement

If your car is broken or in Mareb car repair after a traffic accident, this service, if you subscribe to it, will give you a car to rent for free until your car is repaired.

Mechanical Breakdown Insurance

Cover for mechanical damage to the car.


or discount means how much you will pay from your own money; For example, you purchased a specific coverage, for example, a collision coverage, How do you insure your car in America at a value of 25,000 dollars for each accident; In return I chose $500 as a Deductible Discount.

This means that the insurance company will pay you or the driver of the other car up to 25,000 dollars, depending on the type of losses resulting from the collision, How do you insure your car in America deducts 500 dollars as a contribution from you in the costs of repair.

Types of car insurance in America

There are two types of auto insurance in the United States:

One-sided insurance

It means partial coverage, which is insurance on the car of the person you hit, meaning that if you cause an accident and hit someone else’s car or hit a pedestrian, How do you insure your car in America the costs of compensation that you must provide to the injured person will be paid by the body that insures your car, but in the case of someone hitting you or Shock you, this type of insurance does not offer you any compensation in this case.

Insurance for both parties

It means comprehensive coverage, and in this type you will be insured and also the person with whom the accident occurs (meaning you and the victim) will be both insured and here the insurance price will be, of course, greater than the first type.

Note: How do you insure your car in America – when you buy a new car, the second type will always be charged full coverage because it is the safest, safest and most expensive type.

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