How You Kiss Can Reveal Your Relationship


6- The closed-mouth kiss

This is similar to pecking but takes longer. If this is how you kiss, it could be a sign that your relationship is going through some difficulties. Shutting up and kissing indicates that you may not be comfortable with your partner, so you are creating an emotional block. If you are not sure how you are feeling, you should talk to your partner and try to resolve the problem.

7- French Kiss

Oh YES, the master of all kisses, the French kiss! It expresses sensuality, desire, and romance. If French is your style, then you are sure to be a passionate and adventurous lover. It can reveal the fact that there is a lot of physical attraction in your relationship, as well as some in-depth explorations that may lead to a deeper connection between you and your partner.

Which way of kissing do you prefer? Is there a kiss that you haven’t tried yet but would love to try? Please share your thoughts in the Facebook comments section! y means you like to be fun and casual in your relationship.

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