Learn German from scratch app


Learn German from scratch app the more learning in childhood was much easier than learning in adulthood, and if one does not reach this goal, he may become very frustrated that hinders him from reaching the desired goal, and German is one of the easiest languages ​​to learn.

Learn German from scratch app

In the following lines, we will mention the Learn German from scratch app:

Use a highlighter and highlight the important things

Highlighting the essential parts of learning texts makes perfect sense. This will make you aware of what is important and thus improve your memory performance.

It will be much easier for you to repeat what you have already learned – and this also increases the fun factor. Who isn’t happy with faster learning effects? But be careful, because the following applies here: less is more! If you color the entire German text, it will be with faster learning effect.

Learn German from scratch app
Learn German from scratch app

Give your mind a break from time to time

After an intense learning phase of 40-50 minutes, it is advisable to put everything aside and recharge your batteries. Don’t see the break as “wasted” time, Learn German from scratch app because what you’ve learned so far must be processed before your mind is filled with new information.

Get some fresh air for a few minutes or open the window! This will supply your brain with oxygen and you will be able to focus better again. Important: do not forget to drink while studying.

Watch movies and series in German

Learn at the same time while watching TV? Yes it works! In the age of DVD and VOD providers, movies and series can be used as a diverse educational medium. First check the language in which the offers are available.

Then watch your favorite series in German. Set the translation in your native language. Thus, Learn German from scratch app the vocabulary wanders into your memory – without the need for extraordinary effort. The coolest thing is: you practice your listening comprehension and even your pronunciation and learn the foreign language.

Listen to German radio and learn from songs

Of course you need extensive textbooks and grammar units, but you don’t have to sit at your desk all the time to practice auditory comprehension. It is important for your hearing to recognize sound and pronunciation. Whether you are cooking, on your way to university or playing sports: turn on the radio and familiarize your ears with the German language.

Learn German from scratch app If you cannot find a German station in your radio program, use Internet Radio. Here you can find channels in almost all languages.

Most of them are even streamed live and are free. If in the future you hear a German song that you like and it makes you curious, pay attention to what you already understand or what the song is. Translate vocabulary or phrases you don’t know and try to build context.

Exchange ideas with people who speak German

Do you have someone in your family or friends who speaks German as their mother tongue? Then arrange meetings or start messaging friends. If not, take advantage of social networks. There you will certainly find some groups or forums that deal with German as a foreign language.

Perhaps this will open up other great opportunities to hone your German language skills. What you can definitely do is join these groups and become active as a user. Ask questions or get helpful advice. The purpose of these groups is to brainstorm with each other or help if you don’t have a solution on your own.

Don’t be afraid of mistakes

No linguistic genius had fallen from the sky yet. When learning a language, just memorizing theories doesn’t help. You have to speak the language and make mistakes. As a child, Learn German from scratch app you had to learn to speak first, often switching letters or giving terms a completely new name.

People from other countries appreciate your interest in their language and will be more than happy to forgive you for small speech errors. The important thing is to be prepared to learn from mistakes – and next time you’ll know better.

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