Learn German language for beginners app


How to learn German quickly? Learning a new language can be stressful and the good news is that there is a Learn German language for beginners app to learn almost any language (and speak it fluently!), if you need to learn German and how to speak German for work, travel or study in Germany, you won’t It is very difficult to learn some of the basic phrases and vocabulary in the following lines.

Learn German language for beginners app

It’s hard to learn any new language – and yes, that can be difficult. The good news for native English speakers is that German and English are very similar. So learning German may be easier for English speakers than it is for native Spanish or French speakers.

Learn German language for beginners app
Learn German language for beginners app

How to learn German quickly

You can even learn about some of the most common words used in the German language, like 80 of the 100 most used English words are actually German (or of German origin)! Many German words sound like commonly used English words, and many words are simply the same.

Steps to learn German

In the following lines, we will mention the steps for learning the German language:

Start slowly learning German language for beginners

We often tend to jump to the deep end when learning a new skill. Either we get too intimidated by learning a new language, or we find ourselves too excited at first — and exhausted after a few lessons.

When you’re learning a new skill or language, it’s important to start slowly. You are more likely to become frustrated or overwhelmed if you try to learn too many new words or phrases too soon. You are also more likely to make mistakes if you move too fast while learning German.

Instead of trying to learn a lot of words at once, break up your lessons by focusing on one aspect of vocabulary (words, association, possessive, etc.).

Scheduling study times

We are unlikely to actually commit to learning a new skill if we don’t develop a detailed plan. Learning German is not one of the most difficult languages ​​to learn – especially if you already know English. However, you may find yourself struggling to find the time to learn German if you do not schedule study sessions into your schedule.

You may also want to WOOP your study times (desire, outcome, obstacle, plan). Decide what you want (I hope to study German for one hour a day).

Then select the form of the result of that desire (learn German quickly). Think about the different obstacles you might encounter (I might not feel like studying, I’d like to watch TV instead, etc.). Make a plan to study when obstacles arise (I will study in the morning in case you get tired of studying at night).

Learn pronunciation first from the Learn German language for beginners app

As English speakers, we are used to the pronunciation of words. However, not all letter combinations are pronounced the same in different languages.

When you learn words by sight, you are more likely to misinterpret them. If you are someone who learns vocabulary through memorization and repetition, Learn German language there is a good chance that you will learn misspellings of German words – not the correct pronunciation.

Eliminating bad pronunciations can add more time to your Learn German language studies. If you want to learn German quickly, you will need to learn the correct pronunciation the first time. The best way to do this is by learning words through sound – not by sight.

Memorize similar words

Synonyms are words that are easy to learn because they sound closer to words in other languages. For example, the phrase good morning in German is good morning. This phrase is very similar to the English phrase, so it is easy for you to remember.

Use the flashcards from Learn German language for beginners

One tried and true way to learn vocabulary is to use flashcards. You can use the physical flashcards by writing the vocabulary words on the index cards and their translations on the back.

You can download the Flashcards app and upload batches of flashcards at once. Some apps let you use voice-activated flashcards, which means you can say the word in English and get the Learn German language pronunciation with the push of a button.

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