Learn German online for beginners


Learn German online for beginners – How long does it take to learn German? What tricks can help in learning German and why does a language journey make sense? We have collected simple tips for learning German for you.

Learn German online for beginners

In the following lines, we will mention how to learn German online for beginners:

Create a learning plan and set goals

By the way, you will not only learn German. Therefore, you should get an overview at the beginning and divide the educational material into small parts. To do this, create a list of topics that you need to deal with and decide when to solve problems.

Try to be realistic and not be too demanding of yourself. The study plan can also be used as a performance control to help you better manage the time available.

It is also important to think about why you should learn German in the first place. Write your goals and motivations on a piece of paper. When you don’t want to learn at all, take a look

Learn German online for beginners
Learn German online for beginners

Study regularly to improve your German

Who doesn’t know: Some days you don’t feel like studying. Others sit for hours in front of vocabulary and grammar. It is important to study regularly. It is best to do shorter learning modules more often and try to focus only on your documents.

On deutsch-lernen.com you can click on German lessons online (for free!). For example, take a short grammar lesson and do exercises every day.

Your German will improve faster if you study one hour a day instead of five hours a week.

Eliminate all potential disruptive factors during the study

You’ve finally set up all your study tools and want to start learning. But your smartphone rings again. My best friend wants to know what happened at school today. Of course this question must be answered first, and learning will be delayed.

So don’t let it get that way! Before studying, please turn off your phone and tell your friends that you won’t be available for an hour. Remove any obstacles that hinder your learning. Even if it is difficult at first, Learn German online for beginners you will soon find that a lot of things have suddenly stopped.

Always learn German nouns with articles

You may have noticed that German articles are very important. Therefore, you should always learn vocabulary as you learn it. So it is not simply called “home”, but “home”.

If you use articles to learn vocabulary from the beginning, you will avoid many problems in the future. By the way, Learn German online for beginners it is recommended to immediately learn plurals. Then he said “pet” and “pet”.

Designing practical teaching aids for learning the German language

First write the important words or notes on a piece of paper. For this, Learn German online for beginners you can use stickers or large posters. As you wish, you then distribute these notes in your apartment. It is better to spend a lot of time.

For example, next to the coffee machine, above the stove, on the toilet, or on the mirror. When you are in one of these places, it will automatically check the vocabulary you want to learn. You will be amazed at how effective it is!

Build donkey bridges and use them to trick your mind

There are often vocabulary, grammar, or phrases that don’t cross your mind. No matter how many times you try to save it, you can’t remember it the next day.

It’s easier to learn with donkey bridges. It is nothing more than simple mnemonics or small language turns that help us not to forget what we have learned. You can also think of small stories of particularly difficult vocabulary that lead you to the word.

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